Our Team

Michael Taylor


Michael Taylor, the founder of AMT Development, is a lifetime resident of Washington, DC metropolitan area and a graduate of the University of Maryland. He has over 20 years of real estate investment and development experience having procured and developed over 500 properties. Through his strong understanding of the real estate market, Michael has built an extensive real estate portfolio valued at over $50 million. His company, AMT Development and its sister companies are vertically integrated creating a synergy between businesses to provide acquisition, development, construction and property management services all under one roof. Over the years, Michael has established amazing relationships with a variety of lenders, attorneys, engineers, and architects which are a necessity to ensure quality and efficient development.

Ben Tuan

General Partner

Ben Tuan graduated from the University of Texas with an MBA from the University of Houston. He graduated at the top of his class as an Army Intelligence specialist and honorably served his country for 8 years. With over 15 years of finance/budgeting experience managing multi-million dollar military and federal contracts and over 10 years of real estate investing experience, Ben Tuan is committed to providing consistent returns while providing underdeveloped communities with a strategic opportunity that contributes to neighborhood revitalization and job creation.

Ben is passionate about this mission and has invested countless hours in community development and revitalization projects to help residents better their communities and lives. As an Army veteran, Ben also volunteers time and resources for many nonprofits such as Operation Renewed Hope and Wider Circle, et al.

Kimberly Holt

Portfolio Manager

Our in house property management is lead by Kimberly Holt. She has over 10 years of property management experience and currently manages over 130 units for AMT Development across Maryland and Washington DC. Kimberly Holt maintains a strict tenant screening process resulting in higher quality tenants and minimizes non-payment issues. She also has developed a large network of real estate professionals and government housing agencies allowing for quick rental turnaround and low vacancy rates.

Cesar Rodriguez

Director of Construction

Cesar Rodriguez has over 25 years of construction experience and has lead our in-house construction department for over 14 years. As an expert in residential and mixed use construction, he ensures attention to detail on every project. Under Cesar’s supervision, the company has built a trustworthy network of trade specialists ensuring quality and efficient construction.


Our strength is helping to overcome challenges as effectively as possible. For this reason, we're proud to say that while we build buildings, we develop relationships.